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Scrolling through your feed? Share your story on our page!​

Absolutely the best allergist I've seen across 4 different countries. Dr. Patel is incredibly knowledgeable, patient, friendly, and empathetic. She was able to identify issues that I haven't been made aware of yet. I highly recommend her to anyone who has allergies as severe as mine.

Had a great experience with Dr. Patel! Virtually no wait time and she took me right in. Gave me the time to explain the situation and she promptly explained the scope of what could be at issue, and a concrete plan to diagnosis. I was really impressed with her direct manner of speaking and extremely clear explanation of each step along the way.

Oh my goodness what a life changing experience! I have struggled with allergies my whole life and have always been met with defeatism or half-answers. Immediately I could tell Dr. Patel and her team were on my side and ready to fight these allergies! They were so kind and funny and brilliant and full of solutions.

Dr. Patel was extraordinarily attentive and took the time to explain everything she was going to do. She was also fantastic in detailing all possible routes by which she could treat me and really made me feel heard. I highly recommend her and thank her!

She’s incredibly helpful and respects my preference for natural remedies which I really appreciate.

Kind, caring and funny! She went out of her way to help me get medication without breaking the bank :)